9:39pm pst, -1 hour and 42 minutes until takeoff (-01:42): San Francisco to Singapore. First time to Asia. And I've got an outside shot at an upgrade. What's the big deal? I fly all the time. I must be swimming in miles and making it rain Dom in first cl...

Your quick guide to everything Athens!

I didn't even know the Greeks had Mardi Gras. I just wanted to check out the Sunday flea market in Monastiraki Square, so I set out on a balmy winter morning, weaving my way through the ancient streets of Athens. It was all going smoothly...until I ran into the masked...

Your quick guide to Everything Lisbon! 

Well, I've saved up $30,000 so I'm traveling around the world, carry-on only, and writing about it until I run out of money. What could go wrong?

My whole life has been leading to this. Travel is in my blood. My first time on a plane was from Washington D...

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